Donating Surplus Food to the Homeless

Food is one of the most important things that a human being needs to survive. Without it, life is incomplete and will cease to exist. Many people nowadays find it hard to supply the necessary food that is required in their everyday life. It is because of the rising price rate for different goods.

Other people experience food shortage, and the worst part is food scarcity. As an average individual, what do you think can you do to help those people who are in need, especially when it comes to food? It is just simple if you are a kind-hearted person, you can donate surplus food.

Donating surplus food is a great help to persons who cannot provide food as a significant need of the family. Food wastage is resolving by giving surplus food to other people. Those people who are willing to give some of their surplus food are part of a specific organization. They went to many places where they can lend their help by donating surplus food.

We must always remember that many people do not manage to eat a meal three times a week. So there we shall not waste any food that we have. Instead of wasting the excess food you can donate it to organization that are lending their time in redistributing foods benefit all such as charities, companies, and individuals.

Food wastage is one of the severe problems that every country may experience. This problem must be resolved immediately to ensure that it will not lead to food scarcity. We must consume the necessary food that we can manage to eat to prevent food wastage.

Take note that there are a lot of people who are working hard to provide enough food for the family but here you are wasting it. Oh come on, stop this nonsense behavior and donate your surplus food to those who need it.

Organizations Where You Can Donate Your Surplus Food

Are you having problems where you can give your surplus food? Or are you willing to help those homeless people who need food? This article will surely help you where you can donate your surplus food. You can read about the organizations which accept food for donation.

Here is the following list of the organizations:

  1. FoodCycle

FoodCycle is an organization which cooks and serves food through community events. These foods are donated to the people who are in need around and across the United Kingdom. Foodcycle also works with other famous organization which is giving food to the homeless. Waitrose, Morrisons, Marks and Spencer, Tesco, and Sainsbury’s are one of the food retailers which FoodCycle work with.

  1. Real Junk Food Projects

Real Junk Food Projects provide and serve food, which brings a radical change to the food system. They prepare the food and help in many cafes with pay as you feel basis.

  1. Fareshare

Fareshare which are coming from businesses is donating food that is safe to eat. Sometimes any food that is stock is being donated but which are ensure safe to be eaten. Foods that are stock in freezers, ambient storage, and chillers are being also donated. Fareshare does not accept food that is cooked for it can be easily perishable. They take food like vegetables, fish, dairy products, and eggs.

  1. Neighborly

The Neighbourly have established local stores which offer and donate surplus foods in the charities and other projects. In this way, the food is being given to those people who need it.

  1. Olio

Olio is an app which serves and offer donation services to people who would like to donate surplus food to others. The app has a program relating to food wastage, which they called “Food Waste Hero.” They allow café and shop to donate food directly.

Surplus Food for the Homeless

Surplus food is given to those people who are in need, especially to the homeless. But how can you identify that the food is surplus? Different processes are used to generate edible surplus food. The following are the things that need to be considered in donating good surplus food:

  1. Meals

Surplus food includes meals that are not served to the customer can be served as a surplus food and can be distributed or given to needy individuals. Foods or meals that consist of raw eggs and fish are not allowed to be donated. It’s because the food can be poisonous and dangerous to consume for there are instances that it is already contaminated with bacteria. Meals that are also cooked at the lowest temperature are not allowed to be donated for it is perishable.

  1. Raw Materials

Raw materials that are still consumable by humans are being donated. These raw materials are those who are purchased by some and are not being used. Sometimes this is the most reason of food wastage in the industry.

  1. Manufacturing Processes

Manufacturing processes of the product can also be a factor that the food can be donated. Make sure that if you are going to donate it, it does not have direct contact with the customers.

  1. Durability Dates

Products can be donated if they are not yet expired. Make sure that you check the expiration date of the food before you donate it. It is because you must ensure the safety of the person who will consume the product. Even though it is being donated, the top priority should be the safety of the consumer.

  1. Packaged Food

Surplus food that will be donated should be secured and packed to avoid spoilage, especially to those perishable products. The products should not be unopened like fruit juices and biscuits.